Usborne Books & More


I am a new Consultant for Usborne Books & More – awesome children’s books! I LOVE these books, and I’m thrilled about my new journey with this company. I’m honored to help change lives with these wonderful books. Usborne are fabulous books that capture a child’s imagination and interest. Ready for The Bookstore at your Door? Let’s do it!

Take a look at these wonderful books visit my link below and place a order if you see something your child or grandchild might like:


I know a lot of people are rolling their eyes thinking oh great another person selling something. The way I look at it I can’t put a price on my kids education. We as parents put so much faith into the school system and completely forget that we still have to teach at home. I am very huge on my kids reading, because it all starts with literacy. It’s time to Make a Difference, any time is a good time to read. Get your kids off the technology and make them pick up a book. The best thing about Usborne Books is they work towards expanding your children’s minds and imagination.

We are quick to buy the newest technology, the hottest toy for our kids but what about books. What about something that will help grow their minds. We are quick to buy things for ourselves like Younique makeup or it works wraps, which I’m am not saying its wrong to buy those things. If it works for you that is great, if you are a consultant for those products that is great as well. I decided not to go with those products because for me to sell something I have to be able to get behind its movement. Which is why I decided to sell Usborne Books & More and become a Consultant, Literacy is something I can get behind because anymore we forget how important reading is and I want to bring back its importance and share mine and my kids love for reading with others. Usborne Books & More opens a whole new world of reading & imagination for your children.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Please take a little time out visit my website and place a order if you find something you love, we have books for every school age, even books for babies and toddlers.


Today I will be decorating and putting together my kids bookshelf that their poppop made for my little sister and I when we were my kids age. I’ll post pictures of that tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog please take a moment to look at previous post that may interest you. Please also feel free to share any post that you enjoyed reading, there might be someone else who would enjoy it just as much.