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I am a new Consultant for Usborne Books & More – awesome children’s books! I LOVE these books, and I’m thrilled about my new journey with this company. I’m honored to help change lives with these wonderful books. Usborne are fabulous books that capture a child’s imagination and interest. Ready for The Bookstore at your Door? Let’s do it!

Take a look at these wonderful books visit my link below and place a order if you see something your child or grandchild might like:


I know a lot of people are rolling their eyes thinking oh great another person selling something. The way I look at it I can’t put a price on my kids education. We as parents put so much faith into the school system and completely forget that we still have to teach at home. I am very huge on my kids reading, because it all starts with literacy. It’s time to Make a Difference, any time is a good time to read. Get your kids off the technology and make them pick up a book. The best thing about Usborne Books is they work towards expanding your children’s minds and imagination.

We are quick to buy the newest technology, the hottest toy for our kids but what about books. What about something that will help grow their minds. We are quick to buy things for ourselves like Younique makeup or it works wraps, which I’m am not saying its wrong to buy those things. If it works for you that is great, if you are a consultant for those products that is great as well. I decided not to go with those products because for me to sell something I have to be able to get behind its movement. Which is why I decided to sell Usborne Books & More and become a Consultant, Literacy is something I can get behind because anymore we forget how important reading is and I want to bring back its importance and share mine and my kids love for reading with others. Usborne Books & More opens a whole new world of reading & imagination for your children.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Please take a little time out visit my website and place a order if you find something you love, we have books for every school age, even books for babies and toddlers.


Today I will be decorating and putting together my kids bookshelf that their poppop made for my little sister and I when we were my kids age. I’ll post pictures of that tomorrow. 🙂 Thanks for visiting my blog please take a moment to look at previous post that may interest you. Please also feel free to share any post that you enjoyed reading, there might be someone else who would enjoy it just as much.


How hard is it being a Wife and Mother??

If you all follow my facebook page MommyinMakeup I posted a video Monday Night. The video is of Jada Pickett Smith Answering her daughter Willow Smith’s question. Her question to her mother was How hard is it being a Wife and Mother? If you want to see the video here is the link:

Honestly I couldn’t have said Jada’s answer any better myself. As a wife and as a mother we get so caught up in trying to be perfect. Perfect for our Husbands, Perfect for our kids that we forget to be perfect for ourselves and to be true to ourselves. When we become mothers we fall into what other people tells us we need to be, what other people believe we have to be or else we will fail as mothers. Going out and taking time for ourselves in other eyes means your not taking care of your kids. The world makes us believe that if we leave our kids for just a second we are terrible mothers. So instead we make our lives all about our kids and all about our husbands, we completely forget that for us to have the ability to help our kids move forward and help our husbands achieve their goals we have to make our lives not only about them but about us. If I’m not happy and I am constantly blaming my kids or my husband because I take no time for me then I’m not exactly helping them. I become the problem not the solution, and as a mom we are the solution. The husband is the head and we are the heart, the spine, the lungs lol not saying men don’t care or they don’t help they do but as a mom we do things differently then our husbands and there is nothing wrong with that.

I remember when I first had my daughter I never did anything I can count on one hand how many times she stayed with someone else her first year of life. She never stayed longer than 2 hours with anyone, I did not go out and drink, I did not do anything that my daughter could not be there with me while I did it. Which also ment I spent a great deal of my time looking at the same four walls every day. If I went out I felt like I was being a bad mother, I felt like drinking was a huge no no because I have a baby girl at home who depends on me and needs me what if something happened to her while I was “getting drunk” I would never forgive myself. What if I left her with someone else and harm came to her I would NEVER forgive myself so I gave up all the me stuff and made it us stuff. It took a while for me to get out of that, not that I don’t still worry about her but I now know I can’t be a over protective mother and not let her go places and I can’t deprive myself of having a life outside of my kids and my fiance because at the end of the day we have to remember to take care of us first. Once mommy falls down they all fall down, that saying happy wife, happy life ok well I don’t believe in it a lot but I do believe that when mommy is happy the house stays balanced and you kids and your husband stay happy. Now that’s not in the terms of oh for me to be happy they have to do this..this…and this for me no. Mommy staying happy has to do with mommy keeping herself balanced and happy. You can’t expect your kids or husband/S.O to love you the “way you think you need to be loved” if you don’t even know how to love yourself.

Find something that makes you happy, that makes you think, that makes you find you again. I completely lost myself when I had my daughter and I got to the point that I was so depressed I didn’t want to move I was ready for it all to be over, but it wasn’t my daughters fault it wasn’t my fiances fault it was my own for forgetting how to take care of me and forgetting how to love me because I was giving all the love I thought I had at that point to my kids and my fiance I didn’t feel like I had any more love to give. I know some people are like i don’t know what your talking about I had my kids and I was perfectly fine…well that is awesome FOR YOU but not everyone has it like that. So many mothers fall into just being afraid that we just might fail and we forget that we are going to make mistakes but we have to keep going one mistake DOES NOT = a fail. We will make the wrong decisions for our families, we will make great decisions for our families, we will make a crap ton of mistakes because we are human and that is where you staying positive and happy comes into play because you won’t just give up, you’ll pick yourself/ you family up and keep it moving. Being moms we feel so much pressure, so much anxiety, so much just plain ol craziness that we forget to take a step back look at the bigger picture, love our kids, love our husbands, but we have to love ourselves as well.

P.S Everyone I am so so so happy to announce that I will now be selling children s books. I am so huge on reading with my kiddos and now I can share my love and help other parents show their kids the benefits of READING. To checkout the books we sell please visit my website link is below, if you have any questions please feel free to email me or fb message me. If you would like to book a event and have a chance to get free books let me know.


My Favorite Mommy/Nap Time Activity

First off I know it has been 4 days and I haven’t posted anything so I promise I wont over load on post today 🙂 ❤

When I first had my daughter I didn’t have a lot of mommy time as a first time mom I was so worried about failing so worried about not being able to be a good mom. I always feared I would do something wrong, I wouldn’t listen to the mommy inside and do what was best but the one this I learned and I learned it very quick as a mommy we can only do our best and some times we will fall short but that’s ok we are suppose to make mistakes. My biggest thing was not leaving my daughter for the whole first year of her life she had only stayed with someone else a hand full of times if it was myself or her father and she only stayed with them for 2 hours tops. So when she would take a nap my favorite thing was watching my shows 1:00pm was Wendy Williams 2:00pm Lets Make A Deal 3:00pm Ellen now she didn’t sleep this whole time she would actually watch Ellen with me this was my mommy time while I was a stay at home mom.

When I became a working my that of course changed now my daughter does stay with other people even sleeping over (only family of course) and my favorite mommy time consist of a long uninterrupted steaming hot shower as my fiance says it feels like lava lol and sleeping. Those are my favorite things when I have mommy time unless we are going some where special I take a little “mommy” time to do my favorite hobby which is my makeup.

What is your favorite mommy/daddy/nap time activity? Let me know in the comments below or on my facebook page MommyinMakeup

Makeup Review


Quick makeup review.

This was my look on Thanksgiving, Yes I was feeling myself that day 🙂 I didn’t think pregnancy could look so good 😀

Now don’t get me wrong I see a lot wrong with my makeup, the lighting etc but I don’t care why because I am OK with my imperfections.

My foundation is Estee Lauder I am a huge fan of the Double Wear Maximum coverage foundation. If you go with this foundation please remember a little goes a long way, I literally only use a pea size of the foundation and it give me a full face cover.

My lips, eyeliner, highlighter, contour & blush are ALL bhcosmetics. I am a huge huge huge fan of bhcosmetics they have amazing deals all the time, and even with out the deals the makeup is very inexpensive & a great quality. I can put any of the makeup from bhcosmetics on in the morning and it will last me ALL day. I also used bhcosmetics to do the girls from the Cinderella Affairs Makeup.

All of bhcosmetics products are

  • Paraben Free
  • Non-Irritating
  • Allergy Tested
  • Clinically Tested
  • Cruelty Free Product

Go visit and check them out yourself. Let them know MommyinMakeup sent you 😉

My lipstick is their Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in Seductive

I used their Contour & Blush palette for my contour.

For my Eyes & Highlight I used their new NUDE ROSE 12 color shadow palette. (Beautiful colors compliments any outfit)

My blush is out of their 39 color special occasion eyeshadow & blush

One of these days I’ll be able to give you guys a quick video of how I apply my makeup distractions and all 🙂

The power of beauty

Before I get started on what this blog is truly about let me first say in my last post I posted cold and flu prevention please check it out. I know most of it is well known but we don’t always prevent getting sick. There is a nasty little bug going around and it hits you out of nowhere so please try to stay healthy this winter…

Well I was sent home today from work not in trouble or anything of that nature but that nasty little bug I was talking about has gotten the best of me. So I am in bed I slept most of the day and now I decided to type up a post for you all 🙂 My blog is called MommyinMakeup so I know a lot of you are wondering well when will the makeup part ring is pretty little bell…well the bell is ringing. The one thing that people do is judge it doesn’t matter how nice you are at one point or another you judge. Don’t worry I do it to sometimes we don’t even realize that we are doing it. One of the main things I hear women and even some men judging other women on is BEAUTY. We all hear beauty is in the eye of the beholder some may not know what that means but it means that all because you don’t find him or her beautiful doesn’t mean someone else doesn’t or wouldn’t.

I have seen a lot of women lose so much confidence about themselves due to others talking them down. Let me tell you sweetie you are beautiful maybe not to them but who cares about “them”. I hear other girls say man I hate her because of how pretty she is, or are you kidding me he is with her, he can do way better, I look way better than her, or why is she so big and trying to look pretty she will never be pretty until she hits the gym. See that’s where people are WRONG that comment that you just made is what makes her better than you looks and all. People don’t realize including me sometimes that the words that come out of your mouth are what make you look ugly inside and out. I have friends who rock their natural beauty and I have friends who love their makeup it doesn’t matter how you decide to wear your beauty just wear it. Just don’t forget to be a humble person that’s what truly makes someone beautiful.

I personally rock both natural beauty and makeup, I hear a lot of people criticizing others for wearing makeup because “natural” is the only way well let me enlighten you. Everyone likes to believe that people (I’m not going to say women but I know a few fabulous men who wear makeup as well and they look gorgeous) < don’t judge go somewhere else for that 🙂 anyways back to what I was saying Everyone likes to believe that people wear makeup because it has some kind of magical power to make you into something or someone else well let me bring on the bad news it doesn’t turn you into anyone else if your a b* without makeup your still a b* when you put it on, not to say it can’t give the illusion of being someone else hint hint (Drag Queens) but at the end of the day those queens still know who they are and the people around them still know who they are it isn’t their makeup that makeup its the person behind it. I have days that I just want to be natural and I want to wear my freckles yes people I’m African American and I have freckles lol, then their are days will I will do a quick 15 minute face concealer, mascara, one eye shadow & a little gloss, but then there are days that I want to really enhance my beauty and I take a hour just to do my makeup.

It has always been my opinion that makeup should only be used to enhance the beauty that is already there. To help those beautiful eyes pop, to give those gorgeous cheek bones a little lift & color. I look at makeup like a art people can judge me if they want I’m fine with that but any time I put on my makeup I look at my face as my canvas and my makeup as my paint, When you start with a blank canvas anything is possible and you only add to the canvas you can’t change that its a canvas but you can enhance that canvas ( just my out look of it) and for you men who say you were deceived by her appearance because of the makeup she wore lets get real you knew she was wearing makeup when you met her stop playing the victim. When I started dating my fiance I wore makeup all the time, one day I decided I wasn’t going to and he still loved the way I looked freckles and all. When I do wear makeup it isn’t to please anyone, it isn’t because I’m insecure or that I’m trying to be someone I’m not, It is to enhance the beauty that my man sees every day, the eyes that he loves to look into, the lips that he loves to kiss. When you decorate a tree you don’t think that the tree is trying to be something else right? NO because underneath it is still a tree. So at night when I take off my makeup I am still a mommy, a soon to be wife, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, I still try to be a humble person (doesn’t always happen but I can admit that), I act not differently makeup or no makeup. If that person is a sweet heart 9/10 out of they will still be a sweet heart when the makeup gets taken off and the house clothes get thrown on. ❤


In a later post I will talk about my makeup and what products I personally enjoy using. I will also cover how I manage to take a hr out for makeup and still pay attention to my munchkins.


TIS the season…To get sick

I have been battling with a cough and stuffy nose on top of being pregnant this whole weekend the week has been pretty bad considering just about everyone at my job is sick as well. Here’s a little cold & flu prevention courtesy of kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria.

Cold and flu are powerful viruses that are spread easily between people. It’s important to do everything you can to prevent the spread of germs so that you – and your family — don’t get sick.  Flu can also cause mild to severe complications, especially for at-risk groups like young children and the elderly.

The good news is that prevention of cold and flu is relatively easy. It begins with basic practices like:

*Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
*Remembering frequent hand washing
*Getting a flu vaccine

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips


The basic steps for preventing the spread of cold germs are:

*Practice frequent and thorough hand washing
*Clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces regularly
*Cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and dispose of used tissues in the trash
*Follow basic health habits to help fight off cold viruses.

Seasonal Flu

CDC recommends the following steps to help prevent becoming sick with the flu:

Get vaccinated. According to the CDC, vaccination is the best protection we have against flu.
Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue. Throw the tissue in the trash after you use it.
Stay away from people who are sick.
Wash hands often with soap and water. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand rub.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.  Reduce germs on surfaces like bedside tables, bathroom surfaces, kitchen counters and children’s toys clean by using disinfecting wipes, disinfecting all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant spray. Follow label directions to disinfect properly; rinse children’s toys after disinfecting them.
Try to avoid contact with those who are sick. If someone in your home is sick, try to keep the person in a separate room, if possible. Throw tissues and other disposable items used by a sick person into the trash.

Since the disease can be spread via hands and surfaces, proper hygiene is critical to reducing the risk of contracting the flu.  And if there is an outbreak in your area, follow public health advice regarding school closures, avoiding crowds and other social distancing measures.

Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Getting vaccinated is the best protection against contracting the flu.

Be safe & healthy this winter everyone. ‹3

*Source:, CDC