Welcome baby Tyler

I know it’s been a while, 🙂 my pregnancy has been taking a lot out of me I sleep way more than I ever did with my daughter. For every Good day, I have three bad and I end up being down for the count lol.  This post isn’t about my pregnancy though its about my family welcoming a beautiful baby boy named Tyler. 


This sweet little bundle of joy is my nephew Tyler Christopher Kreger. My little sister did so amazing I am beyond proud of her. Tyler gave his mommy a run for her money 😂😂😂 he was due on the 7th but wasn’t ready so the doctor induced my sister a little after 7am one morning after the 7th. I arrived at the hospital about 1130a, around 2pm my sisters water broke. Lol she was so calm about it she looked at her boyfriend and was like get the nurse… my water…in the calmest voice ever. 


My sister was doing amazing considering she was going on 7-8 hrs of labor no epidural. Around hr 12 Her contractions were increasing pretty rapidly, her mom got a big surprise when my sister threw up on her 😅😅😅… She hung on as much as she could with the intense pain she was having and baby Tyler just was not wanting to come out. He was being a very stubborn little baby 😆😆😆😆 16 hrs in my sister went ahead and got the epidural so she could get some sleep she was so exhausted. She was a trooper though 16 hrs no epidural.


If anyone knows me I am very protective of my siblings seeing my sister in pain broke my heart. I just wanted to crawl in by her side and rock Her like my little baby 😂😂😂 and rub Her head. She and I had a good laugh about this after her epidural. After her epidural she was able to get some sleep I walked in to see the mommy and daddy to be holding hands sleeping 😍😍😍😍 im a sucker for adorable moments lol.  Anywho baby Tyler was born 24hrs 7 mins later at 7:07am the following morning. He had all of us impatiently waiting lol but it was well worth the wait to hear my little nephew cry for the first time and to see his cute little squishy face 😄😄😄😄


My nephew is going to be super stubborn like his mommy.  He will have so much love shown to him And Will give so much back.  He is honestly a beautiful gift from above and I’m so happy for my sister and so beyond proud of her.  Tyler has a strong, amazing mommy who will raise him to be just as strong & loving as she is. 


I can never put into words how much I love my sister and my nephew. They will never go without Love. Baby Tyler has a lot of people who love him from his mommy’s side of the family & from his daddys side of the family.  I know in this post I don’t talk much about Tyler’s father but he was a trooper as well lol especially when my sister felt those strong contractions and he almost died with every look she gave him lol. 



Baby Tyler you will be so spoiled & so loved! With so many family members by your side…how could you not be ❤❤❤ your mommy & daddy will be amazing parents And Will always keep you safe and loved if I know nothing else that I am positive of.  Little sister I still can’t put into words how proud i am of you and how strong you are… Because 24 hrs of labor lol they would of had to give me a C-section lol I’m impatient. 😘😘😘 I love you!


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