Between the sheets

Lingerie Before VS After Kids: What do you wear to bed in mommyland?


Interesting topic right? I am that mommy that doesn’t feel like I need to change what I sleep in or even what I wear because I’m now a “mommy” sweet heart I will dress how ever I want and if you have a problem look the other way.

Before I had kids I dressed Sexy for my man when we went out & when we went to bed 9 times out of 10 whatever I started off wear to bed didn’t last long. We had a very loving skin to skin relationship before our daughter. I say that because we had our son but we only got him on the weekends. I always kept clothes close to the bed or even right next to my head in case I had to throw something on quick.

After we had our daughter well sex kinda went from all the time to none existent. I was always tired and because I breastfed my tits were so sensitive. So I didn’t want to be touched period, there were no if and or buts about that. At first I wore sports bras to bed with shorts because with breastfeeding leaking freaking sucks ok and I didn’t like waking up to a wet boobs just not ok with me.  Once I stopped leaking I went back to sleeping in my birth suit because that’s the most comfortable sleep in my own opinion. I still sleep with clothes close in case I need to cover up when we get a knock on the door. See I’m that woman that loves to dress sexy for her man no matter where we are going, no matter what season it is and my man loves for me to dress sexy for him. We have our lazy days that we sit around in sweats and etc. but when we go out together we dress nice.

p.S No worries the sex drive came back 😉 obviously since we are expecting again.

I am very comfortable in my own skin so other peoples opinions do not bother me. I will not change who I am or what I wear based on some weird standard that “mothers” are suppose to have. Even when I’m pregnant I don’t see anything wrong with dressing sexy belly covered because my childs movements may freak people out lol.

Even though you can barely tell lol I was 12 weeks pregnant with my daughter in this picture 🙂 I’m a MOM I’m NOT dead!

And I know the shoes make my feet look huge!! lol I’m ok with that they are cute.


With all that being said lol it is safe to say my lingerie has not changed 🙂

Don’t lose the spark in your relationship due to having children, make sure things stay spicy and sexy in your relationship. Most of us moms lose our sex drive after having kids and I mean why wouldn’t we which I will go into a whole post on this soon because I will be posting about the “joys of new motherhood”. Just remember sex is still a very important part of your relationship once you get your groove back it is all smooth sailing from there 🙂

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