It’s a….


Beautiful side profile lol… ultrasound today was so awesome to say the least, our baby is the biggest comedian already….I am so happy to announce that our baby is a sweet bouncing baby….



We are excited that we will welcoming our sweet baby boy in the world in May. This little boy did the most during our ultrasound before we even found out he was a boy he was putting himself on display lol.  Once the ultrasound tech who is awesome by the way her daughter and my little sister played softball together so she knows my dads side of the family. Anyway once she was done with all the shots she had to take for doctor she went and got the people I brought with me so we could find out gender.  As soon as she went back to looking at him he waved at us which was so cute.  He was very proud to show us his goods and to let us know just how proud of it he was lol.


My poor baby has some of the biggest feet just like his daddy lol. I feel so bad because I am a tiny person And my poor baby is so cramped in my belly he has no where to go.  He is super long we couldn’t even get all of him on the screen.


He gave us a lot of great pictures, he was a trooper and very photogenic lol.  He has some of the biggest lips like his mommy those things were the first thing we saw lol.  His heart is so strong and very healthy.


He was a trooper up until mommy went potty then he was like OK this lady went to the bathroom time for bed lol.  He yawned at that time he was like OK I’m done. I gave you guys enough pictures Now….


Leave me alone!!! He put his hand over his face and was like I’m done lol.  We decided to name him Jackson the only reason we decided on that name lol is because it’s the ONLY first name we agreed on 😂😂😂. Then came the middle name it didn’t take much to decide on a middle name we decided to go with the name Andrew this name means so much to my love and his family especially his aunt 🙂 I couldn’t be more happy to name our little boy after someone who was/still is so important to everyone in the family, someone who still lives in everyones heart and I’m so happy that we will be able to honor him in this way.   So come May 2016 we will be introducing our son Jackson Andrew to the world.

Feel free to follow my blog to continue to see my journey as a mommy. 😍😍😛😛


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